My apologies for the strike-throughs.   This blurb is for a 'normal', full season.  I feel like this season is so fluid, that I want to leave things visible, just in case we need to be prepared to be able to do more than initially planned for.  


A note to signing up for Meet Volunteer Shifts:  

PLEASE list the number of the phone you will have with you (or whoever is volunteering) at the meet.  I often text or may need to contact you at the meet, and this is my primary way of contact.  Please don't list your home phone number, it does me no good.  
  • Please make sure you sign up for 5 seperate meets (you cannot sign up for 2 shifts in one meet).  This is a requirement of the team, and imperative for the team to run properly.  
  • If you are new to the team, sign up to help at the practice meet.
  • Please don't always sign up as an alternate!  (although, I often use my alternates)
  • Please plan to volunteer at champs!  This is a HUGE meet, requiring LOTS of help.  

FUN Team Events:
  • Picture Day
  • "Team Theme" Swim Meets
  • Swim-A-Thon
  • Team Pizza Party
  • Dine-Outs
  • End of Year Party

A note on Dine-Outs:  these are a fun, easy way to earn money for our swim team.  We all need to eat, especially swimmers who are practicing!  Why not feed them and earn money for the team at the same time?
  • print out attached flyers, it's easier that way.  Some will accept the electronic version, some won't
  • Advertise!  Post the flyer on your social media, and tell your friends to go and support your team, every little bit helps yes

Most importantly, have FUN!  This is what Green Gators is all about!

Some details will be added as the season moves along and details become available.  Check back regularly for updates!  cool
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