Registration for Summer 2021

Email: [email protected]

Burbank Swim Association

P.O. Box 875

Bedford Park, IL 60499-0875

We are back!

Spring/Summer registration is OPEN!


Start date:  4/12/21.

Please fill out the attached 2021 USA Swimming form.

Scan and email to Sue Shollenberger at [email protected]

OR – Mail to Nancy Orozco at P.O. Box 875, Bedford Park, IL 60499-0875


The initial will be $260 to cover the USA Fees
May 1st payment of $180
June of $180,
July No Payment

 A total of $620 for the season

Please Make Checks Payable to Burbank Swim Association and  mail payment to Nancy Orozco at  P.O. Box 875

Bedford Park, IL 60499-0875

We are excited to see you back!  Please note that COVID rules apply.  Please drop off your swimmers at the door dressed and ready to go.
There are no locker rooms, so bring an extra towel to go home in.
Masks are required unless in the pool. 

Group times will be updated on the website


The Burbank Stingray Board

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