Events include both MEETS and TEAM EVENTS. It is important that you check this page regularly to ensure 1) you stay current on upcoming meets and team events, and 2) you sign your swimmer(s) up for respective meets and/or team events. 

General Notes:

If there is an option to declare whether you will attend or not, please do so (even if you don't plan on attending). This will allow the team to plan accordingly and eliminate any "guesswork".

Meet Notes:

Make sure to sign up for meets by the respective registration deadlines. Deadlines are firm dates and there are no exceptions as this will impact the team's chances of getting into particular meets.  If you request an addition to the meet after the deadline and we are able to accomodate, there will be a $20 inconvenience charge. There can never be refunds for meet fees regardless of reason why, as these are third party fees the team has already paid on your behalf based on your commitment to the meet.

For sanctioned meets, you can select the events you would like to compete in or leave blank and the coaches will take care of that (either way, please note that the coaches will have the final say regarding the number of events/which events your swimmer(s) will compete). 

Meet Results (Excluding NFAF Mini-Meets):

For a list of competitive meet results, you need to be signed into your account. Once signed in, click the "Meets/Events" tab located in the top red navigation bar. A drop down menu will appear and then click "Meet Results".

NFAF Mini-Meets:

For AquaFlyer Mini-Meets, you do not need to select events for your swimmer as this will be handled by the AquaFlyers coaching staff.


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