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(sorry, no Seahawks at the movies on Friday, maybe next summer!)

We are working on events for the summer. With the absence of the VBSL schedule of dual meets, we can set up Intersquad meets and have tried to schedule Virtual meets with other clubs. However, most clubs have opted to due Intersquad meets as well. 

We have been able to set the schedule as we went, and unfortunately we were not able to let everyone know each event weeks prior to, due to the nature of what we have to deal with with the Covid-19 limitations in Phase 3. As it is not looking like we will move to Phase 4 this summer, we will post the last few events we have left and give everyone some planning time for these events.

We have found that splitting up the team, 10 and Younger swimmers and 11 and Older swimmers, allowed us our swimmers more room for social distancing. However, this takes away from our ability to use the Big and Little Seahawk pairing for meets as they are all separated.  Please try your best to encourage your Seahawk (Little or Big) to take some interest in their Match(es) at a practice as this may be the best avenue for this.  Candy doesn't have to be part of it, but it seems to be a very easy way to break the ice.  

If you have a Big Seahawk, make sure they get to know their Little Seahawk.  Here is a list of things, they should ask and know about their Little Seahawk:
  • What is your favorite stroke in Swimming?
  • Do you play another sport?
  • Who is your favorite _____(character in movie/game/superhero)?
  • What is your favorite snack?
  • What is your favorite fruit or healthy snack?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • And anything along the lines of getting to know your Seahawk.

If you have a Little Seahawk, help them to approach their Big Seahawk....six feet apart!  Keep the hugs down to minimum. Have a coach help introduce them.  Have them ask:
  • How old were you when you became a Seahawk?
  • What is your favorite stroke?
  • What school do you go to? What grade are you in? (They like to know these things I've found)
  • What is your favorite ________(Character/Fort Night/Game)?  ---I am out of my element on these things now adays, I still own a Wii, but I've found out it is a bit outdated for kids nowadays.
  • What is your favorite snack, etc?

Okay, I hope this helps get the ball rolling this summer.  Sorry for the lateness in getting schedules etc out to everyone. I had been holding out for other teams to do a Virtual meet with them, but that fell through, of late.

Seeya at the pool.

Coach Jay
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