Here are the steps if you ARE NOT GOING:

  • Click on the Member Names [they default to Not Committed]
  • Then click on the Signup Record pull-down and select No
  • If No, just click on the [Save Changes] button to save the changes
  • If you have more than one child, repeat the same task as listed above



Here are the steps if you ARE GOING: 

  • Click on the Signup Record pull-down and select Yes  
  • Once yes is selected, you will see all the events your child can swim.  
  • Click all the Events list regardless if your swimmer plans to swim them or not.  (For time entry purposes it makes things easier)
  • Once you have finished, click on the Save Changes Button in the lower right
  • Repeat the process for additional swimmers



Your coach or team administrator will review your declaration and APPROVE your request.   At any time you can always change your declaration by following the steps above. (If you are unable to change your declaration send an email to and it will be changed by administration.)





Thank you,




Betas Swim Team

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