Swim meets are how we guage how a swimmer is progressing.  Practice is important, however, meets are crucial to swimmer advancement.  Not only do swimmers need to learn the strokes, turns and starts, they also need to learn to compete. It is normal to be nervous or afraid when you first start to compete, but, it becomes easier with every meet. 
All swimmer should swim a minimum of 3 AMS meets per season.  Gold and Silver need to compete in 6 meets or more. While it is not necessary to swim both days of a meet, it is highly recommended so that the swimmer can become accustomed to meet schedules and not miss out on certain events that would be missed by only swimming one day of the meet.
Meets that are noted with NQT are No Qualifying Time meets.  Any and all swimmers should sign up for these meets.  For the 2017-18 Short Course season, there are 7 meets that fit the NQT criteria in some way.  If you are unsure about qualifying for any meet, sign up or ask Coach Rick and he will let you know if your swimmer is able to participate in a particular meet.

Signing up your swimmer for a meet:
  1. Log into your swim account
  2. Select EVENTS from the top menu bar
  3. Select The Meet you are signing up for
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select your swimmer’s name.
  6. Click on your swimmers name.  A Declaration window will open. 
  7. Under Declaration, select YES, PLEASE SIGN [SWIMMER] UP FOR THIS MEET.
  8. If you scroll down through the page, you will see a list of events available for this meet.  The coaches will select individual events for your swimmer to swim.
  9. If you are only able to make one day or need to communicate with the coach, place it in the comments area, otherwise your swimmer will be signed up for both days of the meet.
  10. At the very bottom right hand corner, select SAVE CHANGES

If you have more than one swimmer, repeat the steps above, and selecting the name of your 2nd (or 3rd swimmer).
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