Below is the currently planned schedule for the 2022 long course season. Active events will display below the table for sign up and meet entry selections.
2022 Long Course Schedule
Date Description Location  Time Standards
6/4-6/5 HD Age Group Open Hampton NQT
6/11-6/12 GPAC Age Group Open  Olympic Pool (GPAC) NQT
  **Alternative if don’t get into Hampton**    
6/16-6/19 Holtrey Summer Classic Spire Institute 12&U -B or better
  ****TRAVEL MEET (Geneva Ohio)***   13&O - A Times
7/9-7/10 AVON Classic Avon Community Park NQT
  ****TRAVEL MEET (Avon Ohio)***    
7/15-7/17 Summer Champs Scott Twp Pool Slower than A
7/22-7/24 Junior Olympics TBD  (PITT Likely) A or better
7/30-7/31 (OPTIONAL) Last Splash  TBD NQT

Additional Fees Apply with these AMS meets
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