YMCA of Wooster Swim Team

2019 Pre-Season Swimming:

Beginner/Novice Group:

Cost:                                                               $75.00

Dates:                                                            Sept. 2nd – Sept. 26th

Practice Days and Times:                         Monday thru Thursday – 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

Pre-season swimming for Beginner/Novice Group allows new swimmers to try out the swim team before committing to the team. Beginner/Novice Group is also for our younger swimmers with less than 1 full year of experience on swim team.  During the beginner/novice group practices, swimmers will practice together while they learn about strokes while focusing on drill and technique work.  Coaches will evaluate swimmers to give them feedback while also assessing their current skill level. 

Intermediate/Advanced Group:

Cost:                                                               $75.00

Dates:                                                            Sept. 2nd – Sept. 26th

Practice Days and Times:                         Monday thru Thursday – 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Pre-season swimming for Intermediate/Advanced Group allows experienced swimmers the chance to gradually work themselves back into swimming shape prior to the start of the winter swim season.  Coaches will also focus on working with the swimmers to help continue development of their technique in all four strokes as well.

  • *Swim team is open to ages 5 to 18. 
  • **Swimmers interested in trying swim team should have the ability to    swim at least 25 yards (one pool length) freestyle and backstroke without stopping.  
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