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The vision of AquaForce Swimming is to inspire and encourage our athletes to be champions, both in and out of the water, so they may be successful in the sport of swimming, as well as life.

AquaForce teaches and trains all levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and family participation. We are founded on the belief that all swimmers have the exact same potential--limitless. We encourage physical fitness, proper conditioning and health habits. We are focused on personal growth for our swimmers as both athletes and citizens. We emphasize goal setting and will do everything within our power to see our swimmers achieve their goals both in the water and on land. We believe that our athletes are people first and competitors second.
Team Goals
1. To nurture the whole child at every age and, realizing that each one is different, allow young people to develop as far as their dreams, talents, and efforts take them.
2. To teach young people the process of achieving. To encourage them to dream, help them set worthy goals, pro- mote a strong work ethic, provide support when they struggle, and inspire them to persevere until they succeed.
3. To provide a level of coaching that will lead to the development of world-class swimmers, should they so aspire, while at the same time allowing beginning swimmers to develop character, self-confidence, and the love for the sport in an atmosphere of caring and consideration.
4. To encourage parents to actively support both their child and the program as a whole, realizing that their personal investment is a key ingredient to a young person's success in any endeavor.
5. To provide the community and the swimming world with young people who are becoming the best they can be, as individuals, students, citizens, and athletes.