Glencoe Gators Swim Club : Background-image

The primary objective of the Glencoe Gators Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for all Glencoe members to achieve their potential in the sport of swimming.
Because swimmers join our sport at various ability levels, individual progress in the sport will vary. At the early stages, coaches emphasize developing technical skills, encouraging a love of the sport, and creating a team atmosphere. As swimmers develop and their level of commitment increases, continued training will ensure opportunities to perform at their highest possible level. Commitment, hard work, successful goal setting, and long-term planning will ensure a positive outcome for all of our athletes.
The Gators Swim Club strives to help members adopt these habits while, at the same time, enjoying all the fun that the sport of swimming has to offer.
Regardless of swimmers final standings in competition, the swim team experience will
provide them with valuable resources that they can apply to all aspects of their lives. Through The Glencoe Club's emphasis on leadership, sportsmanship, and self-discipline, Glencoe swimmers will gain the opportunity to be the best they can be in the pool and to become better people in the process.

All of our coaches are NCCP certified and are members of both the Canadian Swim Coaches Association and the Alberta Coaches Council.

Our mission is to develop swimmers of all levels in a nationally recognized program that represents greater than The Glencoe Club community, as part of a team supported by outstanding leadership from The Glencoe Club, its coaches, parents and other members.