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*New Location* Craig Ranch Lessons Start May 1st

This lesson program was designed by USA swimming coaches. The progression contains 10 levels that have been refined and edited over many years to stay at the forefront of the sport of swimming. Within this tested and proven progression, we strive to present swimming to every age and ability simply and effectively.

LAC lessons and Stroke teams are supervised by USA coaches at each site. The Deck Coach will escort your swimmer onto the deck and assign them to a coach. Daily swim evaluations allow for swimmers to move at their own pace. Once a swimmer passes a level, they will move on to the next skill set. If they are moving faster than their group, we will change their group. If they need more time on a skill, we will take that time. The Deck Coach will track each swimmer and give them the best group and coach for their learning style. We are dedicated to giving each swimmer the best learning situation possible.

The Developmental program feeds into the LAC club swimming program. We are teaching breath exchange, body position, and kicking with competitive swimming in mind. From the very beginning, your swimmer will learn to exchange air, balance, and kick properly. The progression builds all four competitive strokes from there, step by step.

The LAC Developmental Program is designed to give every student the foundation for proper stroke technique and efficient swimming. Whether your goal is club swimming or water safety, this program will fit your swimmer. We make no distinction between competitive and recreational. Teaching proper techniques opens the door to both worlds.