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Lake Erie Central Zone Swim Team Information:

The USA Central Zone Championships is an All-Star format held each August where athletes represent their Local Swimming Chapters (LSCs). There are sixty LSC's in the country organized into four (4) USA-Swimming Zones. Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern. Lake Erie is one of fifteen (15) Local Swimming Chapters (LSCs) in the Central Zone.

The Zone Championships is the highest level of age group swimming conducted by USA-Swimming. The Age Group meet offers prelim/finals for 11-12 and 13-14 age groups. Swimmers can compete in up to six (6) Individual Events.

Lake Erie Swimming, through coordination with USA-Swimming and the Central Zone, the Lake Erie Zone Team for the Age Group Zone Championships (14 & under) by offering travel, lodging, and coaching arrangements for athletes on the Lake Erie Travel Team. Travel team is required for swimmers ages 11 through 14.

10U swimmers will have two options for their zone experience. The first option costs $75. The swimmer will be under the care of their parents and will be responsible for their own hotel, food, and transportation. The second option will be for the full zone experience. Under this option, the swimmer will get everything that the 11-14 year old swimmer's receive, including staying with a roommate in the hotel / riding the bus / all food. In order for this to be an option, we need to have two swimmers of a gender and a volunteer parent chaperone. Please contact the zone chair before signing up for the second option so that we can determine the interest level.

There will be two payment options for this year's zone team. The cost per swimmer is $475. This includes hotel fees/transportation/food/meet entry fees/apparel/coaching costs/etc. The first payment option is the full $475 at the time of registration. The second option is to pay $75 at the time of registration and the remaining $400 will be billed to your credit card on August 1st.

Registration for the Lake Erie Swimming 2018 Zones Team will began May 1, 2018. All current qualifiers MUST register by Monday, July 1st, 2018 at 11:00 PM. Late Registration will ONLY be accepted by new qualifiers. The deadline for new qualifiers is Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 11:00 PM.

Please check the "hot news" tab for updates on the team.

Please contact Lisa Downing, Zone Chair, at with any questions.