Club Kick Start :

Welcome to Club Kick Start (CKS). Club Kick Start is a swim school that prepares athletes to become advanced swim athletes.


To inspire athletes through the sport medium of competitive swimming to believe in themselves so that they can be successful and unleash their full potential both in and out of the water in a fun and safe environment.


Club Kick Start (CKS) coaches deliver a swim curriculum that streamlines the advancement of swimming skills and mentors the athlete by providing opportunity for individual growth in a fun and safe environment. Club Kick Start (CKS) is a swim school that prepares athletes to be advanced swim athletes.

CKS has developed a comprehensive swim curriculum that fosters opportunities for athletes to excel in swimming. Curriculum includes: dryland training, videography, swim philosophy, small and/or individualized coaching, visualization techniques, goal setting, and technical swim skill development.

The CKS coaching team comprises of Olympic Coach Battaglini, Coach Chaires, Coach Komelasky and former collegiate Division 1 swimmers including former U.S.A National Swim Team members, All Americans and Collegiate record breakers. The CKS coaches have collectively over 100 years of competitive swimming and open water experience.

Coach Jason Beaulieu, the Strength and Conditioning coaches offers two one hour session a week to hence athletic performance for the elite athletes of all ages with bio mechanists, exercise physiologist, and strength coaches who have trained in applied fields at the nation?s finest institutions. This innovative team operates at the intersection of sports science, athletic performance and data analytics and has been revolutionizing the way athletes are assessed and trained. Our differentiator is the absolute concentration on educating our athletes on the proper biomechanics of athletic movement, allowing for permanent and positive changes to our client?s neuromuscular systems, leading to increased athletic performance while reducing the chance of acute and overuse injuries.