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Summer Swim & Dive
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Hello Cyclones Family,

Every year we are excited for the Cyclones Swim & Dive season to start. This year, excitement is an understatement. We can�t wait to get everything going and get back in the water! We appreciate the city of Olathe and their decision to open pools this summer!

This email is long, and full of information. Please read ALL of it, as the procedures for this season are quite different than before. Thank you for helping to make this season a great one.

June 29-July 31: Olathe Cyclones Season.
Your swimmer and/or diver MUST attend their assigned practice. Participants must leave the pool deck as soon as their practice is completed.
Advanced Practice: 8:40 AM- 10:00AM
Intermediate Practice: 10:10 AM-11:05 AM
Pre-Comp Practice: 11:15-12:00 PM
DIVE Sessions:
9:00-10:00 AM
10:00-11:00 AM
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Swimmers will participate in an intersquad meet on Fridays!
VOLUNTEERS are needed to make this season run smoothly. We need EVERYONE to contribute to this special season. DUE TO DISTANCING RULES, ONLY PARENT VOLUNTEERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK DURING MINI-MEETS. Sign up is available here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C054CAFA622A0FD0-week

Cyclones Swim Team is committed to the health and safety of our coaches, swimmers, and families. In advance of our anticipated return to the water on June 29th Cyclones has created a list of Safe Return Policies to ensure a safe and healthy environment by following local, state, and federal guidelines.

These policies will not be effective unless followed by every family member and swimmer of Cyclones. Each policy is put in place for the health and safety of everyone. Cyclones is requesting that you follow the mandated health criteria in order to keep our swimmers and coaches safe during this pandemic. Our parent board and coaches thank you in advance for reading through this email that contains the information for team practices.

As Cyclones swim season begins, coaches will reinforce to our swimmers the guidelines of personal hygiene and social distancing practices. Parents, please have conversations with your swimmer(s) regardless of their age to adopt these responsibilities and practices. Cyclones commits to the responsibility of guiding and helping each swimmer, particularly our little ones, as they learn to be self-advocates for their own needs. Swimmers should NOT attend practice if:
They display a fever of 100.3 or higher
Shortness of breath.
If a swimmer, or member of their immediate family has been diagnosed, or in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
� Practice session groups will be kept separated by keeping a reasonable amount of time between end and start of the next session.
o It is important swimmers adhere to scheduled arrival and departure times to maintain a safe and distanced practice.
� Swimmers must wear swimsuits to and from the pool (no changing in restrooms).
� If you have children who aren't swimming, please keep them outside the pool deck.
� We will have dedicated and separate entrance and exit paths for incoming/outgoing swimmers.
� Hand sanitizer will be provided. Swimmers will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival to practice and before departing practice.
� Coaches will dedicate locations for swimmers' bags upon arrival.
� Coaches will instruct swimmers on expected pool deck traffic behavior and swimmers are expected to follow instruction.
� Every swimmer will be responsible for their own water bottle and prohibited from touching water bottles not belonging to them.
� Swimmers will be limited to a maximum of 8 swimmers per lane with no more than 4 swimmers per each end of the pool in each lane.
� Swimmers will have access to restrooms, but visits limited to one swimmer at a time. Swimmers must check with a coach before any restroom visit.
� Hand sanitizer will be on hand for utilization by swimmers and coaches.
� Swimmers will be coached to use hand sanitizer after coughing, sneezing or using the restroom.
� In the event of anticipated weather events, Cyclones will be extra cautious and cancel practice due to limited shelter space for adequate distancing.
Lost and found will be discarded at the end of every Cyclones day. Please make sure your swimmer has all their belongings before leaving the pool.

Swimmer safety is always our top priority. While it is impossible for any organization to guarantee full elimination of COVID-19 exposure risk, the Cyclones volunteer board and staff members have been very deliberate in establishing these policies to make practice as safe as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Coach Ty or any board member.

We are a non-profit team that is run by its elected Board of Directors.

All members are encouraged to be involved in team activities.

Registrations has been pushed back and is now April 25th

We will be starting the season later than planned because of Covid-19. More info to follow.