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The Greenbriar Dolphins are based at the Greenbriar Pool Club in Fairfax, Virginia. We compete in the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) and the Western Fairfax Developmental League (WFDL) during the summer months. Swim team membership is open to anyone who meets the following criteria:
(1) Current member of the Greenbriar Pool Club (owner or renter)
(2) 18 and under (as of June 1st of the current year)
(3) Able to swim one length (25m) of the pool unassisted

Registration Deadline: The registration deadline for the 2018 season is May 28, 201; late registrations will be accepted until June 18, 2018 with a $25 late fee (per family). Swimmers receive a swimsuit, t-shirt, and swim cap paid for by their registration fee. You will be notified after registration when suits and t-shirts will be available for pick up at Cassel's. Swimsuit and t-shirt sizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but must be picked up by June 19th.

Registration Fees:

1 child: $205
2 children: $325
3 children: $415
4 children: $475
5 children: $535

Our philosophy is having fun is the most important thing we can do. Most of the kids don't care if we're in a top division or a bottom division. We'd all like to be division champions, which usually means going undefeated, but only one team out of six can usually claim this honor. Personal development is what is most important; for a swimmer that means improving your times. We believe that by establishing a healthy environment that encourages the kids to do their best, recognizes their contributions, and is fun for the entire family, we will have met our goals.

We've all taken our kids to soccer or other sports and probably stood by as two or three parents ran the team. Swimming isn't like that. It takes many parent volunteers to run a typical meet, and that doesn't include pool set up and tear down, running the snack bar, or team social activities.

Swimming is unique in that there's a place on the team for anyone eighteen or younger who can swim without assistance. How many other sports have kids five years old to eighteen years old on the same team participating in the same competition?