Cary Park Sea Dragons :



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SWIMMERS SHOULD WEAR LAST YEAR'S TEAM MEDAL TO THE AWARDS BANQUET. If your swimmer did not order a team medal last season, please order one here through Paypal to include their name. This season we will give swimmers a 2018 swim pin to start their annual pin collection on the Sea Dragon team medal lanyard. ORDER DEADLINE IS JULY 14TH.

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Way to go Sea Dragons! Thanks Apex for a great meet!

Sign up for Cary City and TSA meets by Thursday June 28 and get a free championship t-shirt!

Sign up for July 3 Swim Meet by June 30!!

Families Together NC - see your email for food or housewarming items to bring in for a good cause AND tickets for Pie the Coaches on June 30!

Cary City Invitational (July 14) and TSA Championship (July 22) registration deadlines coming up quick!

Cary City (CCM) - June 28 registration deadline; June 30 - review entries; July 4 Entries Due

TSA Champs - July 3 registration deadline; July 5-7 review entries; July 8 Entries Due

Pancakes and Pie the Coach - June 30! Don't miss it! cheeky

CONGRATULATIONS 2017 CARY PARK SEA DRAGONS - A job well done at Cary City!!

CONGRATULATIONS 2017 CARY PARK SEA DRAGONS - A job well done at TSA Championships!!