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Welcome Back Dolphins!

While it may seem like everything is different in the COVID-19 world, some of goals continue to be the same. We still aim to:
- Provide swimmers with a fundamental knowledge of competitive swimming, including training in technique, strength, endurance, and strategy
- Build community between swimmers that fosters teamwork, communication, and friendship
- Empower swimmers with the experience of setting goals, working towards them, and seeing the results of their efforts
- Build a life-long love of sport, competition, and, of course, water

So what is different? In this new situation, we also aim to:
- Teach swimmers the importance of and how to stay safe in and out of the water
- Create a community that takes care of eachother, understanding that we are all responsible for our safety and the safety of others in the aquatic space

Try-Outs for the 2021-2022 season will be held the week of September 13th & 20th. NEW swimmers looking to join our team are required to try-out.
Please visit our website ( to see further details.