AGUA Masters : Background-image

AGUA Masters welcomes swimmers of all abilities and aquatic backgrounds. If you can swim 100 yards (4 lengths) of freestyle our coaching staff will help you improve your skills and endurance. We do not offer swim lessons during regular practice times, although private lessons are available, but we do provide stroke instruction and feedback. As an added instructional tool, we occasionally provide underwater video analysis during workouts. You do not need to be able to swim all four Olympic strokes to join! Workouts are adjusted to take into account each swimmer's ability.

AGUA Masters is among the fastest growing Masters teams in the country, now with more than 200 registered members. AGUA is a part of the Metro Local Masters Swimming Committees and is governed by United States Masters Swimming. All swimmers must be registered with USMS to practice with AGUA Masters. Registration forms are available from the coach as are forms if you are transferring from another club. If you have any questions regarding registration or the team please email AGUA Masters.