Haines Dolphins Swim Team : Background-image

Dear Parents/Guardians of Haines Dolphins Swim Team members:

The Haines Borough is in the process of hiring a new Pool Manager. This position is responsible for maintaining water quality in the pool, hiring and training lifeguards, scheduling pool sessions, and making sure pool operations are in compliance with State of Alaska Health Mandates to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Once the Pool Manager is hired, the Dolphins board members will develop a team operation plan that keeps everyone safe and get the kids back in the water. Some safety measures we might have in place are:
- Shorter practice times
- Fewer swimmers at each practice
- Being ready to swim before coming to the pool (state mandate has locker rooms closed for now)
- Entering by one door and leaving by another
- Parents/guardians drop off/pick up their swimmers outside the pool building in a timely manner
- Bringing one's own swim gear (kick boards, swim fins, etc.). We are looking into ways of providing these items to Team members.

Safety, fun and learning are our primary goals for your young swimmer(s). We will all work together to make the best of these unusual times.

Rich Chapell
President, Haines Dolphins Swim Team