Pitchfork Aquatics :


Welcome to FORKtober!!

All groups are back in the water for practice and virtual meets!! Please see the Swim Club tab for Covid related pool policies and practice days/times.

January 2020 was our 4th Anniversary, and it is time for the Rise of Pitchfork!

Contact us to meet the coaches, talk with our swimmers and parents, see the facility, and get an evaluation for placement on our team. Open tryouts can be scheduled for any day for swimmers age 6 and up (that can swim at least one length of the pool unaided) to try out their skills with our staff. Please contact us before you come to the pool.

Ask about our partnership with Hubbard Family Swim School for learn to swim lessons, and Swim Devil Masters for adult swim training for fitness, competition, triathlons, and Crosswim.

If you have any questions please contact

Head Age Group Coach Mona Nyheim-Canales at (480) 498-0484

or email us at: pitchforkaquatics@gmail.com.

May the FORK be with you!

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