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Online registration is open for returning members is open August 9. New member registration is October 13, 5-7pm at Aquatic Centre. If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

20 July 2021

Dear Members and Swimmers,

I hope this message finds the you and your respective families well.

Summer is here and a new swim season is fast approaching.

We welcome back returning and new members.

It is my pleasure to share with you that online registration for returning members will be August 9th.

The coming swimming season will start at the Prince George Aquatic Center on 12th October. Dryland conditioning starting for Youth National/ Elite will commence on 13th of September in preparation for the swim season.

New member registration/assessment night will be October 13th between 5-7pm.

I am hopeful that the worst of the pandemic is behind us and we are busy preparing for as close to normal a season as we can muster.

I would like to lastly thank my Swimming Executive Team and Coaching Staff for their tireless efforts over the past year in ensuring a swimming program endured through the COVID pandemic and for having the leadership vision to see us through the tunnel to this coming year. I can assure you we have done very well compared to other clubs nationally and I am thankful for the team that has surrounded me over the past year.

Happy summer to you all.


Dr. Kerim Ozcan,
PGBSC President on behalf of the Executive