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Registration is open! If you are a new swimmer to our club, please contact Coach Sharon at 403-352-6841 or before registering.

Welcome back to ll of our returning families!

We are looking for Coaches for the upcoming year to work with the 4-10 year olds as they learn to swim and train. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Coach Sharon at 403-352-6841 or email

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement:
Teaching the value of sport through swimming

Mission Statement:
Striving to be an inclusive community that competently trains our athletes to achieve their highest potential.

Inclusive - embracing individuality
Competent - whatever you do, do it well
Athlete - training our swimmers to lead active, healthy lifestyles
Community - a safe, fun environment where relationships are fostered between athletes and families

Swim Meets & Team Functions
Tim Horton's Fall Invitational
Oct 27, 2018 (09:00 AM) - Oct 27, 2018 (05:00 PM)
Winter Festival North
Dec 1, 2018 (08:00 AM) - Dec 2, 2018 (05:00 PM)