San Marino Tsunami : Background-image
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When your homework load seems way too hard
Just keep swimming, every yard

When a challenging test is hard to face
Just keep swimming, go race pace

When someone says something that's unkind
Just keep swimming, and clear your mind

When you have too much that's on your plate
Just keep swimming, please don't wait

It's not just speed that you will get
From logging laps when you get wet

But discipline and a sense of pride
That soars through you with every glide

New challenges you will never shirk
Because you know what comes from true hard work

Your self esteem, one can never rob
As you turn to your lane-mate and say Good Job

We must never forget all that we can do
The swim team Tsunamis has seen us through
Watch us turn into a river from a tiny stream
Tsunamis forever, one team, one dream!

By Jony Weiss (William's Mom)