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Swimm with Timm is an innovative, personalized swim program for children of all ages. We take a positive approach to swim lessons and work very hard to make sure every child has a great experience. With our innovative approach to teaching showing great success we can confidently say that students that enroll learn a much needed skill and gain valuable experience for water safety. You won't find our swimmers standing around or being pushed to make progress on a predetermined schedule. We don't force children to do anything, except get in, before they feel they are ready. Children progress faster if they believe they will have success and make steps at their own speed.

Swimm with Timm's mission statement is Water Safety Made Fun and children learn the important aspects of water safety to help parents feel comfortable with their child in the pool. However, that's only the beginning! Because of our small class sizes and broad, fluid approach to swimming instruction, we are able to customize classes to the students needs, and provide more individual instruction to each child leading to greater success. It's large enough to let the positivity extend through the group and small enough to ensure no child gets forgotten. We don't try to fit the child to the class, we fit the class to the individual child.

You may have a child that learned to swim before they walked, or one that never dipped more than their feet in. We have the experience to handle the most timid swimmers and the skill to teach the most advanced students new techniques for long term achievement. Some children who have been scared of attempting something under others instruction may flourish under our tuteledge or after watching peers reach their goals. Many other programs enroll to many students in classes or don't have the experienced teachers to personalize the plan, we've found that the children struggle like this. Some more natural swimmers are not pushed enough and become bored, while those with difficulties or phobias become stuck behind benchmarks that the program requires and never progress past a certain point. It takes a good balance to be there for them at times, and let them take control at others, to instill confidence.

We believe that confidence is one of the key factors to fun and success in the pool. After 25 years Timm has formulated a new approach that continually evolves after collaboration with other programs and instructors. Every student is different, every child is unique, so we make them matter. Some may find an innate talent in the water that will speed their progression through each basic skill while others are overcoming a phobia that takes some extra time initially.

Nobody should feel held back, or rushed through their learning process and each class stays exciting and fun. Even families who have paid for other swim lessons will be amazed at how this approach brings the best out of each and every child.

Children beginning at 18 months can join our program and learn to become independent and safe in the water. The hardest thing is convincing parents it's totally possible, and safe! We have levels available for children 18 months to 16 years.

Families interested in competitive swimming will find a program with coaches that have extensive knowledge and experience to help prepare children for a future in the sport. Remember that swimming is a wonderful extra-curricular that is relatively low impact, high cardio, and builds lasting endurance. Swimming can help develop good values and strong discipline in children that will help as they mature on into adulthood. The hardest part of the program is keeping your kid's endless appetite satiated in between class. Our coaches have done the time in the lane and will give them the insider edge to perfect techniques. Victory is measured in fractions of a second for scholarships and this investment may be worth thousands of dollars depending on each student's case. Even if competitive swimming is only for sport, everybody likes medals and paving their road to life's successes. Let us help!

We have something to offer to all swimmers regardless of background, phobia or disability. Do not be discouraged from enrolling your child if you are hesitant about your son or daughter's condition. A baby with phobia of water will begin to solidify and those subjective experiences further on in their life. It's a detriment not only to themselves but your family's comfort during holidays with avoidance of water. Even if you are uncomfortable with the idea of group lessons for your child, the progress they make in a session in the SWT program will satisfy even the most ardent naysayers.

For more information contact the owner, Timm Heffron at swimmwithtimm@gmail.com. He quickly responds to any and all inquiries and pledges ongoing commitment as the company continues to grow.

If it's got water, it's Swimm with Timm.