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Swimm with Timm is a swim program for children and adults that focuses on the individual and doesn't try to make the student fit the program, but makes the program fit the student. We believe that the best way for kids to learn to swim is by actually swimming the entire time their in the water. Most programs now have children that stand around a lot of the time waiting for their turn to swim. Kids get cold and bored waiting around and learning to swim loses its fun.
The pool can be a dangerous place for young children, but if kids are taught to be safe around the pool then it can be a place to have tons of fun. We focus on making the experience and classes fun again, by having the children swimming as much as possible during class. Our students don't stand around, don't get cold, and love the water because they are comfortable and confident. By swimming as much as possible students gain the skill and strength necessary to progress.
We have a tremendous record of helping, even the most terrified kids, overcome their trepidation and begin to feel comfortable in the pool. Children that are afraid of the pool are usually only scared because they lack the confidence necessary to be comfortable. By getting students moving, splashing, and jumping they learn that, while the pool can be intimidating, it is really just a place to enjoy. Children are educated on the dangers of being unsafe around the pool, but also taught that if they are safe then the pool can be awesome. Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace and try new things when they feel comfortable. When kids are forced to do skills they are not ready for, they tend to stall and not progress. Because we keep the children swimming and having fun, they quickly develop the confidence to try new things that they may have been scared to do before.
We also are a program focused on developing a strong foundation of skills. These basic skills are vital to be able to learn the strokes correctly. Many other programs, in order to claim success, skip the basic skills and push kids into stroke classes before they are ready. This causes children to become discouraged and overwhelmed and leading to feeling that swimming is too difficult for them. In reality, if taught the proper way everyone can learn to be a good swimmer. We don't worry about pushing children up a level until they are confident and ready. When they feel like they can have success then it leads to them being able to overcome any difficulties they encounter in their development.
Adults that do our group program find our coaches are very knowledgable and professional. We break things down for people in a way that makes difficult skills seem less daunting. Most adults that are learning to swim have a longtime uneasiness associated with the water. By focusing on the individual and working at their pace, we are able to help everyone learn to swim. On top of helping beginners, we have the ability to offer advanced or competitive swimmers valuable stroke tips that can make a difference during competition. We can dissect your strokes, give you corrections, as well as drills to do while training.
Swimm with Timm is the best place in Massachusetts to learn to swim. We can help anyone, adult or children, develop the skills necessary to have success in the water. Our expert coaching staff is always working to offer every individual the advice and encouragment they need to be the best.
When you think of swimming, start with Swimm with Timm.