IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM (anytime during the season), Please contact Coach Garrett @ mccarthyolirish@gmail.

*****SPACE IS LIMITED!!! To ensure our coach:swimmer ratio is ideal, we limit the total numbers of swimmers per lane to optimized coaching and results. Boulder Swimming is athlete-focused and will never allow 10-15 children per lane as other local teams frequently permit! This is for safety reasons and to maximize the attention and care your swimmer will receive.


White Group:
---All practices will be 6-6:45PM (Mon-Thurs)

Red, Blue, Pre-Sectional, Sectional Groups:
---All practices will start @ 4pm (Mon-Fri)
---Saturday morning practices start @ 7am (@ North Rec Center)


Boulder Swim Team's mission is to create a fun, safe and challenging environment for our swimmers to excel and create lifelong bonds. We strive to develop excellent character, producing not just strong swimmers but outstanding people. We embrace a culture of leadership with a team first mentality. We provide the best swimmer to coach ratio in Boulder.


Coaching is my passion and an opportunity to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I educate and motivate with positive energy and great enthusiasm on deck at every practice. My objective is to get every child to smile and have fun while working hard to reach their goals. More than producing good swimmers, my mission is to help each child develop into a better person and become highly successful adults as a result of their swim experience. Swimmers need to bond with their teammates and learn sportsmanship if they want to maximize their true potential. Technique is a tremendous priority every day and is part of each workout plan. In my practices every lap has a purpose. Swimming is about propulsion and resistance, technique will minimize resistance and good habits are the easiest path to success for each swimmer. Video analysis is offered on a daily basis.