Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club : Background-image

Congratulations CDOGs!!!!

2022 Short Course CT Seniors
Men's Team - Champions
Women's Team - Runner-Up
Combined Team - CHAMPIONS!

2020 Short Course CT Seniors
Women's Team - Champions
Men's Team - Runner-Up
Combined Team - CHAMPIONS!

2019 Long Course YMCA Nationals
Women's Team - 5th place
Men's Team - 8th place
Combined - 3rd PLACE!

2018 Long Course Women's YMCA National Champions
2018 Long Course YMCA Combined Team Runner-up

2018 Short Course YMCA National Championships
Women's Team CHAMPIONS!!!

2018 Short Course CT Seniors
Women's, Men's and Combined Team CHAMPIONS!!!

Providing a safe and healthy environment that molds individuals into champions, both in competition and in life, by promoting integrity, empowerment, and self-esteem.