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If you are new to Clarence Swim Club and would like to secure a spot for the Short Course Season, please contact Head Coach Tom Steuer

Star Invitational Highlights:

Inno Song, Bailee Goldman, Ian Gawron, Elly Panus and Taylor Yeung swam great in their first qualifier meet.

Natalie Killion 8 individual first place finishes. High point winner for 13/14 Girls also set 3 meet records.

Peter Peyser had 3 First place finishes and came in 2nd for 11-12 Boys High Point Award.

Zoey Griffin had a First place finish and came in 3rd for 13/14 Girls High Point Award

Madden Anderson had 1 first place finish and 4th overall for 11-12 Girls High Point

Gabby Adamczyk, Emily Chung, Zoey Griffin, and Natalie Killion won the 13/14 Girls 400 Freestyle Relay!

Beyond the stopwatch, Clarence Swim Club shines in the way of sportsmanship. Multiple clubs compliment our swimmers for sharing encouraging words on deck as well as friendly handshakes after each swim.

Interested in joining Clarence Swim Club? Contact Coach Tom Steuer ( and find out more about our complimentary 2-week trial period.

Clarence Swim Club is a member of USA Swimming. Located in Clarence, NY (Western New York), we swim year round competing in the Niagara LSC. The club is made up of swimmers who range from beginners to those who compete on state, regional and national levels.

For more information please contact Head Coach Tom Steuer: or (716) 597-4495