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The Plantation Swim Team is the nation's premier municipal competitive swim team, providing exceptional, unbiased athletic training for a membership of all ages and abilities. The swim team operates as a function of Plantation Parks and Recreation Department under the governing body of USA Swimming. Plantation Swim Team conducts training for all levels of development from Age Group to Masters.

The team is committed to the highest standards of ethics, training in a safe and healthy environment, drawing its membership from residents of the City of Plantation as well as superior athletes the world over.

Plantation coaches have a long tradition of balanced, innovative leadership, excellence in their respect for individual responsibility and discipline, as well as sportsmanship, in an atmosphere of spirited teamwork. Parents are encouraged to be involved in many levels of team promotion and through volunteerism in the Plantation Swim Team Booster Club.

Plantation Swim Team is revenue driven, and self supporting, contributing to the Department, the City and larger community through a swimming program with no equal. The team values its members, the departmental staff and tradition of community volunteerism.