Wellington Swim Team (FG) : Background-image

Welcome to the Wahoos Of Wellington Swim Team and the rewarding world of competitive swimming.

We are committed to making all swimmers feel that they are a valuable part of the Wahoos Of Wellington. The team has been in existence since 1980 and carries a tradition of excellence that has created many champions in swimming and academics. Nurturing the student-athlete philosophy, we have also helped to create doctors, teachers, brokers, and many other professionals. We can assure you that you will have years filled with challenge, excitement, fun and camaraderie.

We welcome all children, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

Our team is registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.

The Wahoos Of Wellington Swim Team is a proud member of USA Swimming and the Florida Gold Coast.
Wahoo's End of Summer Beach BBQ
Aug 7, 2022 (12:00 PM) - Aug 7, 2022 (04:00 PM)