The Carrollwood Village Swim Team (CVST) is a year-round competitive swim program, which swims under the guidance of USA Swimming, Inc, is affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs and is affiliated with Carrollwood Country Club, through membership requirements and the Private Club League (PCL). The purpose of CVST is to select, train, and develop swimmers of various ages and abilities, ranging from younger and beginning swimmers to nationally ranked senior competitors. While competition is important, the CVST feels that self-discipline, sportsmanship, and the team camaraderie that swimming offers will be life long benefits to all participants. CVST emerged as the top PCL team in the middle 1970's before expanding to a year-round program and leaving the PCL. Now CVST is recognized as having one of the finest year-round programs in the State of Florida and has rejoined the PCL. The team had between 100 to 150 members strong depending on the season prior to the demolition on the old pool at Carrollwood Country Club, however during the construction of the new aquatic facilities at Carrollwood the team dropped to approximately 50 swimmers over the 3 years. The program is in a rebuilding mode now with the new facility and is currently 70+ members and growing.

CVST is at based out of the Carrollwood Country Club and all team members must be members of the Country Club or Grandchildren of Country Club Members.

CVST's Past Swimmer of the Month Winners:

September 2015 - Henry Walz (13)
August 2015 - No Age Group Meet This Month
July 2015 - Ava Edwards (9)
June 2015 - Sophia "Bubbles" Hasara (12)
May 2015 - Sean Kenny (10)
April 2015 - Sean Kenny (10)
March 2015 - Henry Walz (13)
February 2015 - Logan Ingerick (11)
January 2015 - Tyler Bowles (14)
December 2014 - Sophia Hasara (12)
November 2014 - Ava Edwards (8)
October 2014 - Henry Walz (12)

2015 CVST Family Relay Champions - The Tirheimer Family (Chance, Logan & Dad-Wence)
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