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Lakeland Riptide meet this weekend. Heat sheet and timeline at www.fastswimresults.com  

PIPELINE Shares Florida Swimming's Core Values:
Safety, Integrity, Inclusion, Excellence, Supportive, Leadership


TYR Indy Pro Series New Team Records:
Michelle Morgan (13-14)
200 Free 2:07.23
400 Free 4:23.90
800 Free 9:02.54
1500 Free 17.19.66

McKaley Goldblum (15-18)
200 Free 2:08.48
400 Free 4:37.34

WFLA HIGH POINT WINNERS: Gisella Wright (11-12), Gavin Peck (11-12) and Michelle Morgan (13-14)

WINTER HAVEN HIGH POINT WINNERS: Michelle Morgan (13-14), Clyde Quinn Crouse (13-14), Runner-Ups: McKaley Goldblum (15 & Over), Chloe Grimme (15 & Over), Gisella Wright (11-12)

Mission Statement:  

PIPELINE SWIMMING: From Start to Finish - that’s what is important. We believe that “Swimming Fast & Having Fun” is our team philosophy. PIPELINE SWIMMING is dedicated to helping every athlete reach their full potential. By giving each athlete stroke instruction and encouragement at every practice and each competition, we are instilling the belief that they can be a champion at whatever level they desire.  Our goal is for our athletes to become successful and positive contributors to their community and ultimately their future. 

PIPELINE SWIMMING: provides a wealth of knowledge and years of coaching experience at both of our facilities.  Connection coaching is the method in which the instruction is delivered.  PIPELINE provides stroke technique, instruction videos, and fitness and health programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities.  Our programs are geared towards the very beginner, the pre-teamer, the competitive swimmer -- all the way to the national level competitor!  Contact us for a swim evaluation so we can find a place for you on the team!

                     SWIMMING FAST and HAVING FUN