Mt. Carmel Swim & Dive :

Varsity Roster Announced!

Here is the preliminary roster for Varsity. We will still be adding swimmers on the girls side once the polo team has concluded their season. For now, the following swimmers will need to start following the Varsity Schedule.

Remember that we have moved the morning workout to an evening workout from 6-8pm for Thursday (tomorrow). See you all tomorrow night!

Girls (16+):
Freshman: Katie Kidd, Isabelle Rowe, Nola Seyoum, Phoebe Gocal, Brittana Serna
Sophomores: Margo Kapp, Brooke Grazda,
Juniors: Leanna Gharbaoui, Leanne Lam, Sophie Polonichko, Allison Young, Kailey Sloss,
Seniors: Julianna Fox, Natalie Smith, Martine Abouchabki

Varsity Polo Girls Will Be Evaluated with Coach Peck when the season is concluded.

Boys (21):
Freshman: Matthew Makepeace, Josh Shabel, Timothy Godin, Oliver Perry, Sophomores: Chris Hughes, Trevor Spiking, Tom Kaljevic, Abel Seyoum, Tait Anderson, Liam Stanton
Juniors: Ethan Smith, Conner Kidd, Bryce Cloes, Daniel Salmon, Mark Magno, Andrew Neale
Seniors: Joe Crosby, Zack Soucek, Jeff Schnecker, Evan Gent, Eric Eibeck

Congratulations on making this years Varsity Team!

Coach Dan