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Please check out our temporary new Website (www.learn.youthletics.biz). We are excited to be launching Jackrabbit Class, an industry leading class management software tool, to transform our registration and class management processes. We are very excited to have this new tool, and will be rolling out new features to better serve you as we progress through the summer. Ultimately we plan to have www.centralohioswimamerica.com be the new hub for all things SwimAmerica, but there will definitely be a transition period while we get that all set up!

SUMMER 2020 Lessons - Registration for morning lessons in July are now open on www.learn.youthletics.biz, and many private lessons are available on that same site.

Pre-Requisites: For summer 2020, our "group" lessons will be individual/family for school-age children. We are now entering the second phase of our return to splash plan, instructors are able to be in the water like normal. For advanced lessons, if you prefer no-contact, please just let the instructor know. Lessons for all ability levels are now available.

PRICE: $50 per week (Monday through Thursday, 30 minutes). Classes will be either individual, or family groups. We will not mix swimmers from different families within a class. There are no refunds.

2nd Swimmer is FREE: Please e-mail us to add a sibling (of comparable age/ability) to the same class for free.

The bulk of what we do at Central Ohio SwimAmerica is teach youth (3 years and older) through swimming lessons. SwimAmerica is the world's best Learn-To-Swim program! Each swimmer will be assessed on their first class and quickly placed in an appropriate station. From that point they will continue to progress individually as they master the advancement goals of each station. As they progress the stations goals become incrementally more challenging and consequently more time may be spent at each one.

SwimAmerica, developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), is the leader in quality learn-to-swim programs. SwimAmerica uses a technique oriented and goal driven approach to teach throughout its 10 stations. Focusing on a smaller set of skills and advancing the students as they master the station goals provides motivation and excitement as they progress from one station to the next!

Central Ohio SwimAmerica has been operating for nearly 25 years and through our program, thousands of children and adults from the central Ohio area have learned to swim at various community and private pools. Currently, we offer services at JC Pool in Westerville, Oakstone Academy in Westerville, and Upper Arlington High School Pool.

Whether you are learning to swim as an adult, placing your child in classes, or bringing your infant or toddler to the pool, SwimAmerica has a program for you! We invite you to learn more about the SwimAmerica by clicking the links above and then join us by registering online.