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THIS WEEK (June 18)

Congratulations Dolphins on a successful Time Trials event.

You can see your meet results by clicking the "my account" button on the left of the home page, then click "my meet results" and enter June 16 in the date field.
- To see the full team results, go to ... the search seems to work best if you leave the team name field blank, but fill out the other fields.

To view photos from Time Trials -- and from past meets -- please click on any of the fresh photos in the home page rotator, and then use password: dolphinpics (1 word, lower case). Thanks to team photographer Mike Ewing.
- Or, click here and enter the password:

A reminder that Time Trials results are used only for seeding future meets and for establishing baselines for your swimmers' time improvements, so there are no points, no places, no ribbons, no records, no champs-qualifying associated with Saturday's results.

A big thank you to our coaches, parent volunteers, and swimmers for a great start to the season.

* Wednesday - commit or decline by the end of practice to attend our first dual meet, away against Heritage Park on Saturday morning.
- The coaches will seed the meet, and send our entries to the other team, after practice on Wednesday
- It's imperative that you commit (yes) or decline (no) by end of practice -- a no-response will be treated as a decline, and your swimmers won't be able to participate on Saturday.
- To commit or decline: go to the "events" tab on the home page, scroll down to Meet 1 Heritage Park, click the commit button -- commit = yes, decline = won't attend.

* Friday: another great FREE dives & turns clinic from 3:30 - 4:15 before regular practice starts at 4:30. No swimmers can join clinic after 4PM, due to setup and difficulty with interruptions.
- Clinics will continue each Friday from 3:30 - 4:15 through the end of the season.

* Friday: Dolphins Dollar Store debuts, and will appear most Fridays after practice.
- Swimmers can cash in their Dolphins Dollars for fun stuff!

FIRST DUAL MEET: Saturday June 23
* Check-in for our away meet vs Heritage Park at the Woollett Aquatics Center pool.
- See the meet event on our site for address and time, and watch for an email this week with parking info and snack shack menu.
* Be sure to commit each of your swimmers by Wednesday
* Parents: check your volunteer shifts by clicking the "job signup" button

Go Dolphins!