South Irvine Dolphins : Background-image

Congratulations to all of our swimmers on a fantastic season and an exceptional Champs!
Swimmers at Champs had 91 time improvements, and the 13-14 YO Medley Relay Team of Annika Nie, Kyle Wong, Jean Meyer, and Olivia Averill broke a longstanding Dolphins team record set back in 2011. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

The Dolphins team took first place in Division 2, and won the 9-10 YO and 13-14 YO Age Groups! The team's overall placement was 6th out of 22 teams in the ISL. Great job to all of our swimmers!

We hope everyone enjoyed the season and has a great off-season. We look forward to seeing everyone on deck again in 2019! Til then, thanks for making it a fantastic season...Go Dolphins!!!

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- Special thanks to team photographer Mike Ewing for all the fantastic pics this season!