The Cumberland Valley Aquatic Club (CVAC) is a multi-phased, competitive age group swimming program operating on the campus of the Cumberland Valley High School. Our primary mission is to develop the strength, skill, and character of our swimmers so that they will be active, healthy, and well-rounded citizens in our community.

CVAC participates in two competitive swimming leagues. In the winter, we compete in the Central Penn Aquatic League (CPAL). This league is made up of teams from both the east shore and the west shore of Harrisburg. In the summer, CVAC competes in the Capital Area Swim League (CASL). This is made up of teams only on the west shore. East shore teams participate in the Mid Penn Swim League. The culmination of the summer season is a championship meet between the two leagues call Mid-Caps.

CVAC is a member of USA Swimming in the Middle Atlantic LSC. USA Swimming is the governing body for swimming at the national level. The country is broken into zones and then into Local Swimming Committees (LSC). USA swim meets are often away from the Cumberland Valley campus in places like Lancaster, Penn State, Allentown, West Chester and other areas. These meets provide additional opportunities for swimmers to compete against other swimmers of the same level in events and distances not offered at the local league level. We participate in USA invitationals and Championship meets (Junior Olympics and Zones).
Dec 3, 2016 (07:00 AM) - Dec 3, 2016 (01:30 PM)
Dec 18, 2016 (08:30 AM) - Dec 18, 2016 (01:30 PM)
SnowFlake Splash
Jan 8, 2017
Jan 22, 2017 (09:30 AM) - Jan 22, 2017 (02:30 PM)
USA MEEY-CYA Winter Invite
Jan 27, 2017 - Jan 29, 2017
USA MEET-DeBarbadillo
Feb 3, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017