Aqua Club :

Welcome to AQUA! We are a professionally operated swim community devoted to equipping our members with the BEST of swimming! Our highly decorated staff has experience up to the Olympic level and we are devoted to maximizing your athletic potential and achieving your personal goals. Whether you are just a beginner in the pool or have expert ability as a swimmer, we have the right program for you. From private lessons, small groups, competitive swim teams or elite level training, we do it all! Join us today and find out how Aquaclub can take you to the next level!

We start as young as 2 months old all the way to adult swimmers!

To share our knowledge and passion for swimming, by empowering safety, fun, and proper technique in all our members to achieve their full potential through encouraging excellence.

Evolve our program into a national model committed to individual and team success for all swimmers, creating Olympic level athletes that make swimming part of their daily lives.

Connecting our Philosophy and Culture
At AQUA, we strive to give the BEST of swimming to each of our members, EVERYONE matters! We are constantly building the BEST staff and investing in our people. Part of the AQUA experience, we want to deliver MORE than just? swimming to our community. At AQUA, we want to give our members a feeling of fun & challenging swim culture. We want our members to feel as they are part of something special and unique. We always aim to show I'm on it!? with our goals and priorities. Our passion is in the pool and we want each one of our members to be #AQUAambassador