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The purpose of the Levine JCC JAWS Swim Team is to provide a competitive swim team experience for children of all ages (5-18) and abilities! With assistance from a skilled and dedicated coaching staff, we strive to provide a comfortable and fun learning experience. Foundational swimming skills and technique (focusing on all four strokes) are taught at a level to ensure success for each individual swimmer. Sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, and perseverance-all while having FUN are the main concepts we teach each swimmer and work towards everyday!

Each child is important to the Levine JCC JAWS Swim Team!!! We encourage them to participate in the FUN of the experience, learn, share the passion of the sport swimming, make new friends, and learn team unity at the reward of great physical activity.

The coaching staff is eager and excited that you chose to come swim with the Levine JCC JAWS!!! We cannot wait to kick off the season, filled with unforgettable memories and tons of FUN!!! If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns do not hesitate to ask the coaches; we are here to assist you and offer an enjoyable experience.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Procedures for Swim Team:

Arriving For Practices –
• Swimmers should only use the checkpoint entrance when arriving to practice. This is the same entrance that we have always used.
• Swimmers should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to our workout.
• All swimmers should have a completed and signed minor waiver form. The minor waiver form is attached to this email. It requires a physical signature. E signatures are not accepted. You must bring the completed form with you to your first practice. This is a onetime step for the first practice attended.
• If you have already completed this form for another JCC program, then you do not have to do so again.
• All swimmers will have their temperatures checked before entering the facility. Swimmers with a temperature above 100.4 F will not be allowed into the facility.
• All swimmers must be able to successfully answer the four protocol questions. I have attached the questions to this email.
• Once the swimmers have been successfully checked into the pool, one of the coaches will take them back to the pool.
• All swimmers must wear a mask the entire time they are at the JCC. Swimmers should put their masks on when exiting their vehicles and keep them on until they enter the pool. Swimmers should put their masks back on immediately after they exit the pool.
• Swimmers should maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet with others the entire time they are at the JCC.
While at Practices –
• Swimmers should arrive in their suits and ready for practice. There is no access to the locker rooms to change before or after practices.
• There are restrooms available during practices. The unisex bathroom located next to the guard office is available. The bathrooms beside the bubble pool are also open.
• There will be no shared equipment allowed between swimmers. We will disinfect kick boards, pull buoys and fins but once the swimmer has gotten their equipment you cannot use someone else’s. We will disinfect all equipment before and after each practice.
• Swimmers should bring their own water bottles. There is no sharing of water bottles at all.
• All swimmers will maintain an appropriate amount of social distance during practices as well. I have come up with a process that will reinforce and support this but it will be up to the swimmers to help.
• There are several changes to our practices that will help support the safety of everyone. I will review these with everyone before we start practice.

After Practices-
• Once practices are completed, swimmers need to put up all equipment used and exit the facility in a timely fashion.
• Coaches will take the swimmers to the check point gate to make sure they get their safely.
• Swimmers are not allowed to stay after practice and swim in any of the pools unless their family has a reserved bay for that time.
• Swimmers will need to put their masks back on as soon as possible.
• It will be very important for swimmers to remember social distancing protocols after practice. This is a time that it will be easy to forget safe practices.
• Swimmers should avoid walking in groups or together with other swimmers.
• Parents should be ready to pick up swimmers on time so that they do not have to wait once they leave the facility.

Swimming is one of the only sports that have been cleared to start back at the JCC. We are very fortunate that we participate in our sport in a giant tub of disinfectant (Chlorine) and that we are not a ball sport. This is something that we must keep in mind when we are at practices. If during the process of starting back it is deemed that we are unable to conduct practices in a way that promotes safety for everyone, then we will not be able to continue our programming. I say this so that all swimmers understand the importance of following all of the safety protocols each day.