Kingfish Swimming Medfield : Background-image

Encouraging athletes to reach their full potential through the sport of swimming!

The Kingfish Swimming Club, a United States Swimming registered organization, exists to develop competitive swimmers both as athletes and as people for the long term. Kingfish Swimming was founded by Jay Craft, former Olympic Trials swimmer and NCAA Division I All-American. Kingfish Swimming Medfield is an extension of Kingfish Swimming Club and is led by Kyle Browning.

Kingfish Swimming Medfield provides all levels of swimming from local, regional, national, and Olympic Trial level swim meets to its athletes. Browning and his highly skilled and seasoned staff provide opportunities for swimmers at all levels to train and compete on a year round USA Swimming club. It is our belief that in the attempt to reach one's fullest potential; each swimmer will maximize their chance to become their very best, both in and out of the pool. At Kingfish Swimming Medfield, we believe a "Positive Process Produces Performance." Through this philosophy, we are confident in our ability to guide your swimmer to achieving their goals within the sport.