The Fall season for Karishim starts on August 22nd. Karishim is a year round club swimming program for swimmers age 6-18. Karishim has 135 spots available on the club. The club has been at capacity for the past three seasons. If you are interested in a tryout please contact the head coach Adrian Eagles at

Karishim has grown significantly over the years. This past year they had a swimmer ranked number two in New England overall for his age group. They won multiple events at Age Group championships, and had multiple swimmers qualify for finals. Karishim is able to achieve this success, because they invest in their coaches and technology. This past season Karishim purchased a state of the art underwater camera system. For the upcoming season they will be sending their entire coaching staff to be trained at the World Clinic.

Karishim looks forward to its continued growth while holding close to its values of creating a safe environment that allows it swimmers to grow through a challenging environment. We hope you will join us as we strive to become a premier club program.