Ocean County YMCA :


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....Group placements for Existing swimmers, you must make a deposit by August 15th at the welcome center.... !!!

Welcome to the home of the OCY Tiger Sharks Swim Team. We are a coach directed, parent supported YMCA program.

OCY offers a variety of competitive programs that are designed to accommodate children of all age groups and skill levels. At each level, the goals and objectives are specific and directed toward meeting the needs of the swimmer. The long-term goal of total excellence is always in mind. As each child is different, he/she will progress at his/her own rate. The coaching staff recognizes this fact by making team assignments based on a swimmer's physical, mental, and emotional level of development. Contact us using the button on the left side of this webpage.

Our philosophy is "BELIEVE". To have confidence in the truth. To trust in yourself and your team.
Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully