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The Corvallis Aquatic Team is greatly appreciative of donations from our members and supporters during the COVID-19 related closures. Donations to the fund will be used to cover the salaries of staff and other ongoing expenses. To make a contribution using credit card, please click the button below. Check donations may be mailed to CAT, c/o Osborn Aquatic Center, 1940 NW Highland Drive, Corvallis, OR 97330. Thank you!!

Current Announcements

Due to the expanding situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Osborn Aquatic Center will be closed until further notice. Updates regarding the reopening of the facility and the resuming of CAT practices will be made here, via email and on social media.

Update 5/14/20: With areas of the state starting to reopen we are hopeful that our re-entry to the water isn't far away. We still don't have guidance from the state if outdoor pools will be phase 2 or 3. We are hopeful that lap swim and practice will be able to resume even if open rec and lessons are not able to open this summer.

Monthly Calendar

Daily Dryland - May 25

Here are the week 3 final standings of the QuaranTEAM Challenge. We were able to climb El Cap as a group!


Coaching 101 with Rick

Yoga with Live Well Studio on Zoom. They are offering classes at 10am on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. You need to pre-register for it at least 1 hr prior to the class start time.

PE with Joe on YouTube

Brooklyn Boulders

Lifetime - Zumba, cardio, strength, yoga....

Crosstown Fitness on YouTube, they are also on IG

Train Moment on IG and FB

Workout from home challenge on FB

Novice, Junior I/II
10 squat jumps
30 crunches
10 cross jumps
30 in/out abs
10 push-ups

:30 jumping jacks
10 burpees
3x, rest 1:00, another 3x

Senior, prep, masters
Happy Memorial Day,
Have a great time with your family. Here is your OPTIONAL PRACTICE. Each exercise has a range of duration. Be sure to adjust more or less based off of your individual needs.
Dry land Option for Memorial Day

Sequence #1 -
40 sec Mountain Climbers
40 sec Vert. leap
40 sec touch the floor
40 sec mummy kicks
rest 15 sec.
30-1:00 High knee w/punches
30-1:00 straight arm jj jack - done fast
20-40 sec. walking plank - Start in tall plank, walk down/down/up/up
20-40 sec. ext. tuck
2-20 power push-ups
rest 15 sec.
30-1:00 switch kicks w/punches
30-1:00 shuttle run - run 4-6 strides/touch the ground/run back
20-40 sec. Donkey kicks - Tall plank, big kicks from side to side
20-40 sec. Sitting ski abs - like rowing a boat. Rotate shoulders sweep right/then left. Legs at 90 deg. not touching the ground.
2-20 oblique push-ups or in and out push-ups
rest 15 sec.
x repeat for the top

The published workouts and exercises by CAT, its coaches, or staff are intended to provide an optional means for members of the team to exercise from home and continue to improve their physical fitness. Any use of the published exercise or workouts provided by CAT, its coaches, or staff, are completely optional and their use is at the discretion of parents and guardians who are solely responsible for the monitoring, supervision, and safely of their child. Exercising inherently carries the risk of injury, damage, and other harm. CAT is not liable or responsible for any injury, damage, or other harm that may result from using, implementing or attempting any of published workout or exercise.