***Bronze Performance at East/Sycamore is closed as of 8/15/16. Swimmers can register for another location (Princeton, Keating or NKU).
***Bronze Fit at East/Sycamore is closed as of 8/23/16. Swimmers can register for another location (Princeton).
***Mini Fit at all locations is closed as of 9/19/16.
***Gold Fit and Silver Fit at Central will no longer be offered.
***Gold Performance at NKU is closed as of 9/13/16.
***Silver Fit at NKU is closed as of 9/27/16.
***The mini fit and bronze fit groups at NKU are closed as of 9/21/16.
***All groups at Oak Hills are closed as of 9/19/16.
***Group Changes...Mini Performance (Sycamore) has been moved to Five Seasons, Bronze Performance (Princeton) Tues / Thurs moved to Keating.

If you would like to go on a waiting list for any location, please contact Jean Hendricks at

The Cincinnati Marlins were founded in 1961. Through nearly a half century the Marlins have defined excellence in swimming. These efforts have produced one National Title, 5 Junior National Titles, over 80 State Titles, 18 Olympians, and 19 Olympic medals.

Our Central training site is located at Keating Natatorium on the campus of St. Xavier High School. We also offer training at Princeton High School, Sycamore High School, Oak Hills High School and Northern Kentucky University.

Five training locations ... One Team.


Questions? Please contact Jean Hendricks at, or call the Marlins office at (513) 761-3320.