Westerville Aquatic Club :


The Junior Olympic meet has been postponed due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 (Corona virus). We plan to resume our spring training schedule in April as originally scheduled.

The Zone-Sectional team will continue to prepare for their championship while we await an update on the status of this meet as determined by this rapidly evolving situation.

The WAC Banquet scheduled for Tuesday March 17th is cancelled. Please see e-mail from Coach Jim regarding logistics of refunds for meals that were paid for.

This is no-doubt a frustrating turn of events for our athletes who have put in significant effort to qualify and prepare for the JO meet and for all the swimmers being denied the opportunity to be recognized among their teammates and families at the banquet. However, as harsh as it may seem, there are greater life lessons to be learned here. First, life is not always fair. Second, acting in a responsible manner under extreme and unforeseeable conditions builds character that will bear fruit later in life. Lastly, the process is always more important than the product; especially in swimming. Enjoy the road you?re traveling because the destination is not always rewarding. These actions are our way of being responsible and accountable in not spreading the virus. We have never dealt with this unique situation, nor, on this scale, and no one is certain how to handle it appropriately. Each swimmer, and our team as a whole, has experienced huge improvements over this season and should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Team Philosophy: WAC was established to provide the opportunity for every child to pursue excellence in the sport of swimming. Just as important, WAC seeks to promote the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity, self-discipline and compassion in mind and spirit so that the child is not only an excellent athlete, but a respected and respectful individual, and a caring, considerate teammate.