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Home of the Metro Committee Champions Swim Pasadena Swim Team! Our team is a year-round USA Swimming competitive swim team offering high level professional coaching which includes precise stroke technique instruction, speed and endurance training for all ages and ability levels. 

We offer a full range, full service competitive swim team with highly professional and experienced coaches who work towards competitive swimming success at every level. An athlete may enter the "Swim Pasadena Family" through many avenues, including swim lessons and previous swim team experience. Swim Pasadena Swimmers work towards achieving many goals including competing successfully at the Metro Committee Champion ships, the Junior Olympic Championships, the USA Swimming Junior Nationals, the USA Swimming Senior Nationals, the USA Swimming 2008 Olympic Trials, attaining World Rankings and achieving Olympic success.

The Swim Pasadena program is designed to logically progress our athletes using technique as their foundation and constant theme during training and applying these building blocks for competitive success. We use logical progression and overload principles to build finesse, strength, power, speed, endurance and character.

We in the Swim Pasadena Family are proud to develop well rounded individuals by building their base physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The goal of Swim Pasadena is to provide every team member the chance to reach their full potential in Senior (Timed Based) competition. Read More

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