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Hello Blue Dolphin Families,

It saddens me to formally notify you that Livermore Blue Dolphins Swim Team will be dissolving. This will go into effect immediately, and Livermore Blue Dolphins will not be returning as a swim team as we initially hoped.

Our remarkable coaches have served many years as volunteers, and we sincerely appreciate their time and commitment to Livermore Blue Dolphins. As much as both Coach Ian and Coach Josh are fully committed to their community and aspiring swimmers, the commitment to their own families are at a point of growing responsibilities.

The board members (Wendi, Josh, and myself) would like to thank you all for being loyal to Livermore Blue Dolphins. We will forever miss seeing you all poolside. My son especially, will never forget the fun, and sometimes not so fun, days at practice, meets, and special events Blue Dolphins has hosted over the many years.

Best Wishes to you all and we hope to see you around Livermore!

Kristin Jones
Livermore Blue Dolphins