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Athletes and parents will need to sign their waivers and be registered before attending practice. By signing the waiver, you and your family agree to reading the policies and procedures (updated from time to time) and always abiding by them. Violations of these safety and procedural protocols may result in suspension or dismissal from the program by the athlete or family as determined by the resolution deemed most fitting through the sole opinion of the leadership team of JandMSwim and NCAP.

The following criteria must be met by the athlete and anyone that resides in their household to be eligible to attend practice:

All athletes are to take their own temperature before leaving their home before every practice. If you forget we will take it before you walk into the facility. Athletes cannot have had a temperature of over 100.4 degrees, a new recent cough, difficulty breathing, unusual fatigue, headache, and chills in the past 14 days. If a fever or symptoms of illness are experienced, athletes may not attend practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms has ceased.

Athletes must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19.

Remember: You cannot have had contact in the last 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Based upon CDC guidelines, NCAP/JandMSwim considers anyone a “close contact” or possibly exposed if they were within 6 feet of a known infected person (masked or un-masked) for a total of 15 minutes or more during a full day. A known infected person is defined by having had symptom onset within 2 days before (or for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to positive test specimen collection) until the time the infected person is isolated.

Any athlete experiencing any symptoms or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms should remain at home and seek medical treatment. When in doubt, stay out.

COVID-19 Exposure and Positive Test Procedure:

If a member of an athlete’s immediate household is exposed to COVID-19:
The member must wait 5 days from exposure to get tested and receives negative results OR
the athlete must quarantine for 10 days after the date of exposure and can return to practice as long as no members of their household have experienced symptoms.

If a member of an athlete’s immediate household tests positive for COVID-19:
The athlete must quarantine for 14 days, unless otherwise specified by a physician, isolating themselves from the members of their household to the best of their ability.
Depending on the timeline, the athlete may need to be tested, so we can confirm if any other NCAP/JandMSwim athletes have been potentially exposed. Please notify your coaches immediately.
If a member of the household is unable to self-isolate, the athlete must get tested at the end of their quarantine AND provide negative test results to their coach to return to practice.

Any athlete(s) who carpools with the family must pause practices until cleared to return by the office – the family of the patient should notify the athletes in the carpool and those potentially exposed should consider a COVID test – wearing of masks is encouraged during carpooling with other athlete(s) families.

If an athlete is exposed to COVID-19 from someone outside of their household:
The athlete must quarantine for 14 days OR The athlete must get tested after 5 days from the exposure and provide their coach with documentation showing a negative test result. Do not come back to practice until you have a negative test result.

If an athlete tests positive for COVID-19:
The head or group lead coaches will email all active members of the grouping to let them know a member tested positive for COVID-19. The training group that the positive athlete is in may have to pause their practices while contact tracing and coach investigation determines if and who may have been in close contact based upon the CDC guidelines listed above. Coaches are keeping attendance per practice grouping. The group of athletes so identified and involved have two options:

• These athletes can choose to quarantine for 14 days and then return to practice if no symptoms are experienced OR they can get tested for COVID-19 following 5 days from exposure and provide their coach with the documentation showing a negative test.

• The coach will receive a rapid test 5 days following exposure and cannot resume practices until they have received negative results.

For us all to stay healthy and be able to keep swimming, we ask our athletes to please practice responsible social distancing and mask wearing when they are away from the pool as well.

Please note: If a parent is getting tested consistently due to their job - this policy does not apply, but if they receive a positive result - NCAP needs to know about it right away. Please call, email, or text your coaches.
For us all to stay healthy and be able to keep swimming, we ask our athletes to please practice responsible social distancing when they are away from the pool as well.

All athletes and coaches will have to wear masks entering and exiting the facility. If you do not have a mask or are not wearing a mask you will be sent home. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

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