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Please Contact Kerri Andrews if you would like information on registering for the upcoming 2021-2022 year.
We have a wait list for most programs at this time

Updated Covid Procedures, in addition to our current Policy & Procedures

-If you are feeling unwell, a cough, fever, headache, sore throat, stay home and if you are unsure, please get tested. Please read the policy and procedures in the box above for full information.

*If the family member tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to follow the procedures.

*They will need to isolate and pause practice for 5 days and then test negative. The swimmer
will need to be asymptomatic and should wear a mask around others for 10 days as well.

*After your 5 days of isolation period, please contact Coach Trish Buswell to review instructions
for your athlete to rejoin practice.

If the athlete tests positive for Covid: (Regardless of vaccination status) Starting on the day
they test positive, they should isolate and pause swimming for 10 days.

*After 10 days, if they asymptomatic they may return to training. If possible, with a negative

*If you have symptoms or are not feeling well, please remain at home and continue to isolate. If
necessary, please see your doctor and request a return to activities letter to send to Coach Trish Buswell showing the athlete is ready to resume swimming.

J&M Mission Statement:
To teach all children to swim with proper technique and compete in a safe and fun environment. Provide the guidance to grow and become happy, successful student athletes in and out of the pool. Giving them the confidence to go forward, to know they can succeed by working hard, staying positive and remaining focused on their goals. Creating memories and experiences to look back and draw on all through their lives.


Paul Makin (703) 973-4513 [email protected] (emailed preferred)

General Questions:

Trish Buswell 703-822-3479 or [email protected]

Registration:Kerri Andrews [email protected]

General Manager:

Matt Murray (703) 244-4607 [email protected]

NCAP Winter Qualifier
Feb 18, 2022 - Feb 20, 2022
Winter Gator Mini Meet
Feb 19, 2022 - Mar 20, 2022
NCAP Mini Champs
Feb 26, 2022 - Feb 27, 2022
PVS Junior Champs
Mar 3, 2022 - Mar 6, 2022
PVS Senior Champs
Mar 3, 2022 - Mar 6, 2022
Junior Olympics - 14&Under
Mar 10, 2022 - Mar 12, 2022 (10:00 PM)