Machine Aquatics :

Machine Aquatics strives to make a positive difference in the lives of its team members by promoting good sportsmanship, biomechanically sound techniques, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, balance, commitment, responsibility, love for the sport of swimming and self respect. We are committed to creating an environment where each individual athlete may realize his or her own potential. We believe that the healthiest motivation for a child is the motivation that comes from within, and we endeavor to draw out each child's natural energy, hope and courage, thereby fueling the pursuit of their dreams.

Machine Aquatics strives to be the preeminent year-round swimming club on the East Coast, and to be universally recognized as a leader in compassionate coaching and competitive swimming instruction for young people.

Family ~ Integrity ~ Respect for People ~ Honesty ~ Growth ~ Teamwork ~ Education ~ Freedom ~ Individuality ~ Peace of Mind

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