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The Lakeway Lakers summer swim team began in 2003 when the Lakeway Swim Center first opened. For more than a decade, we've introduced over a thousand children in our community to the wonderful sport of swimming. Many of our swimmers have gone on to be successful USA Swimming, high school, and collegiate athletes, and many have competed at Junior Nationals, Nationals, and even the Olympic Trials. Our team is a non-profit organization operated by parent volunteers and is completely self-funded. 

Thanks for another great season. The Lakers will open registration for the Summer 2019 team after spring break. We will post the summer 2019 schedule and team details around the middle of January. 

The fee for swim team is $220 per swimmer PLUS your time working three swim meets (no exceptions--everyone helps), and you will need to purchase goggles and a team suit. Membership on the Lakers is open to kids who meet our minimum swimming requirements. You do not need to be a member of the Lakeway Swim Center or a Lakeway resident to join our team. 

If you are interested in swimming year-round at the Lakeway Swim Center, our USA Swimming partner club, Lost Creek Aquatics at Lakeway, offers a competitive swim team for all ages and abilities. Click here for more information and to register.

QUESTIONS about swim team? Our Team Info page probably has everything you need to know!

LOST CREEK AQUATICS AT LAKEWAY operates a USA Swimming year-round swim team at the Lakeway Swim Center. Please go to for more information about our USA Swimming partner club, Lost Creek Aquatics at Lakeway.