Edenwilde Swim Team : Background-image

The Edenwilde Swim Team has been in existence since 1997. For many, the beginning of swim practice heralds the coming of summer. The team has always been a great way to stay connected with friends once school lets out. Morning practices start out chilly, but soon warm to be a healthy way to start each weekday.

The purpose of the Edenwilde Swim Team is primarily recreational. We want kids to have fun swimming and enjoy competing with their fellow Barracudas, as well as friends from nearby neighborhoods. The coaching staff works to instruct all swimmers, helping them improve their strokes and reach personal goals throughout the season.

The Edenwilde Swim Team is also a huge part of our neighborhood social scene in the summertime. We are proud to host events that bring families together and strengthen our community. Many friendships have been formed working in the concession stand and behind the blocks timing races.