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Welcome to the Burke Centre Penguins website!

If you missed registration, please contact: PenguinsPresident@gmail.com to see if there may be room for your swimmer.

PENGUIN SEASON UPDATE!!! (Updated 6/28/2020)

Penguin Families,

How great it feels to have the Penguins Back in the water! We appreciate your feedback and support as we work through making sure our safety protocols are working.

Season Costs:

- The season cost will be $150 per swimmer.
- We are working through the details on how the team will transition to Phase 3 swimming. We hope to get our younger swimmers in the water soon, but want to make sure we do so safetly.

Pool Memberships:

-Pool Membership in some form is required to swim with the Penguins. If you haven?t already, you should have your application in for a regular membership to the Conservancy, or purchase a Non-Resident Swim Team Only Pass with the team.
- Burke Centre Residents: You can go online now and purchase your Burke Centre Pool pass. They have left the early bird rates for the entire season so it will be $110 for a family pass.
- Non Burke Centre Residents: The Conservancy granted our request for a Non-Resident Swim Team Only Pass. The Cost is $120 per swimmer or $240 for a family. This pass is only good for swim practices and can?t be upgraded to a regular pass later on. If you would like access to the pools during regular pool hours, you can purchase a regular non-resident pool membership through the Conservancy for $399.
- Passes will be digital this year for members. Swim team rosters are required to be provided to the conservancy to verify that the swimmers have purchased a pass. If you purchase a swim team only pass, you will not need a pass, but your name will be provided to the Conservancy with your check and our roster to let them know you have a membership.

Practice Schedule:

The Penguins are utilizing both the Landings and the Oaks pools for our practices. Practices are 45 minutes long and have a 10 minute break between.
-Oaks: 6:00, 6:55, 7:50, 8:45am.
-Landings: 6:30, 7:25, 8:20, 9:15am.
-Practices times may shift when we transition the team to Phase 3 swimming.

Practice Season Outlook:

There will be no scheduled CSL swim meets this season. The Practice season will run through August 21st. Swimmers are not required to attend all practices. If your family is going to go on an extended vacation, please let Coach Wesley know so she may be able to utilize your swimmer?s lane space.

If towards the end of the season social restrictions allow us to hold a time trial, inter-squad scrimmages, or social events we will plan to do so. Coach Wesley is optimistic she will be able to plan a virtual meet with other teams nearby or the team she coaches for in Charlottesville, and will be continuing conversations around opportunities to compete as the summer progresses.

Coaches will be on deck along with one adult to supervise. It is of the utmost importance that each swimmer holds themselves and each other accountable to the restrictions in place, and prioritizes their health to protect others.

Evaluations: June 22 and 23
Team Practices: June 24 - August 21st
Minis and Junior Swimmers Practice: TBD - August 21st

Our team competes in the Colonial Swim League.
Competition Pool Address: 5701 Roberts Parkway Burke, VA 22015
(not a legal mailing address).

Our team is a summer developmental and competitive swim team that
includes year-round opportunities offering high quality professional coaching
and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to
provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve
success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

All members are welcome and encouraged to be involved in team activities.


Registration for the Burke Centre Swim Club (both Penguins and Stingers) is closed. There may be space for your swimmer depending on ability and age group. Contact: PenguinsPresident@gmail.com for more information.

The cost for registration is $8 per swimmer. This fee covers the cost of insuring the swimmer for the summer and is non-refundable. Additional season fees will be determined when the start date for your swimmer is determined and will be paid via check.